Our clients

CEA clients trust our commitment and our ability to deliver. We work with large blue chip companies and regulatory authorities alongside specialist industry partners, consultancies and advisors.

Our goal is to deliver more value to more clients and projects in more places.

The organisations we work for tend to be as committed and passionate as we are.

Our clients want a consultancy that is able to do far more than simply ‘turn the handle’. They want us to come up with workable plans, suggest smarter ways to do things, and help them generate success – however they measure that success, within their time frames and budgets, and all underpinned by the most rigorous technical expertise and project skills. We are the creative problem solvers they turn to.

CEA is known for getting things done, based on our:

  • Quality of service, track record and experience.
  • Culture & attitude: our passion and creative problem solving.
  • Outstanding people: always at the leading edge.
  • Strong relationships with clients, partners and other experts.
  • Ability to communicate and engage: taking people with us.
  • Proven ability to deliver: whatever a client needs, we deal with it

Our client portfolio includes: