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Environmental Management ABP Ports

When contaminated land was found on a development site during Site Investigation works, we produced a Contamination Management Plan.

Environmental Management BestGrid

This EU initiative evaluated new approaches to improve the planning process for electrical interconnectors.

Environmental Management IFA2

The IFA2 undersea interconnector between the UK and France is being developed by National Grid and RTE.

Environmental Management Nemo Link Interconnector

A project to lay high voltage electricity cables under the sea, improving the link between UK and European generation.

Environmental Management North Sea Link

Connecting the electricity systems of the UK and Norway via high voltage subsea cables from Kvilldal to Blyth.

Environmental Management Nuclear new build

CEA led and coordinated peer review of several Environmental Statement chapters and DCO and marine licence application documents.

Environmental Management Teesside offshore wind farm

CEA has held the role of Consents and Environmental Manager on behalf of EDF for this project since 2009.