CEA understands that, once management systems and environmental documentation are in place and agreed with the regulators, projects are likely to benefit from the knowledge that these procedures are being adhered to on site.  The risks of non-compliance range from enforcement action to prosecution, and so site audit is recommended, especially where there are designated sensitive habitats or species to consider during construction or maintenance.

We offer audits that monitor site management, practices and documentation to address the level of compliance with relevant legislation, consents requirements and established management plans.  We ensure that post-audit, any follow-up actions are carefully managed to ensure that compliance is maintained.

Site audit services include:

  • The production of audit checklists and scopes
  • Provision of audit schedules
  • Site visits
  • Inspections of site documentation
  • Focussed interviews with construction team
  • Written reports of audit findings supported by photographic evidence
  • Support and advice on post-audit compliance requirements

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