CEA understand the importance of maintaining good working relationships with stakeholders, consultees and the public as part of effective project management.  We value the establishment of plans for engagement with all stakeholders in a project including the project management team, project board, regulators, statutory nature conservation bodies, non-government organisations, local interest groups, communities and the public, as a key mechanism to ensure the success of a project.

We enjoy excellent working relationships with consultee and stakeholder groups across the UK.  Our knowledge, experience and approach are respected, and this enables us to have an effective dialogue to resolve issues in order to reach the best possible outcome and avoid costly project delays.

We adapt our approach to each project, as we understand that every organisation has different priorities and areas of focus, often with other relevant stakeholder policies in place.  We also appreciate the importance of stakeholder management in the early stages of project development to offset issues further down the line.

We offer the following:

  • Project Stakeholder Engagement and Management Plans
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Management Training Sessions for project personnel
  • Strategic stakeholder engagement advice
  • Support and attendance at public consultation events
  • Support and attendance at key consultee meetings
  • Holistic project advice or advice regarding a single project issue
  • Lessons Learnt sessions with the regulators and/or consultees
  • Input into management and response to relevant representations
  • Working with stakeholders throughout the EIA and consenting process